Gptplanet review | ultimate guide

Gptplanet review

Gptplanet is a PTC website In short you will be paying for the click. In other words, it provides many types of earning opportunities to increase earning. But in our mind always a question arises that is Gptplaten a legit website?  So In this blog post, I will discuss everything about Gptplanet. so let’s get start the Gptplanet review.


Gptplanet review


Gptplanet is a paid to click website where they provide earning opportunities and you will be got paid. This company started in 2010 and is still continuously pay to its member. Gptplanet is entirely free to join so you do not pay any registration fees. It available worldwide so you can join any region of your country. This company provides paid ads every day which you need to view ads every day and you will pay.

This company provides two types of earning. One is without investment which provides after you register on Gptplanets. Other types of earning are with investment but I do not recommend you because the online investment is risky. If you invest in your own risk then you can invest by upgrading the account. I always suggest you go through the free or without investment option because it is risk-free. You can reinvest some percent of your free earning from this company so you did not fail in the loss in case of the company scam. Below I will explain details about the earning option. This is my honest Gptplanet review

Earning option in Gptplanet

1. View ads

This earning option is the most popular. You just view ads by clicking on ads. You can find these ads in the VIEW ADS section on the website. Ads also divided into 4 types 1. fixed advertisement, 2. premium plus, tiny ads, nano ads. Each ad when you click then it open and after a few second you need to feel a small captcha and then your earning are credit into your main account balance. You can earn from 0.0002$ up to 2$.

*For referral earning you must view 4 ads daily to get the referral commission *


Companies give a chance to their user to win up to 1$. This is very easy to play In the GPTGRID section a picture will display you just click on anywhere on the picture then redirect into a sponsor’s site that you will have to view for up to 5 seconds and after 5 seconds you will if you win or not. It completely depends on your lock

3. Wannads

In the wannads section. There are provide various types of offers For example surveys, tasks like sign-up,  install the apps, apps promotion, etc. The survey is added daily so, You can complete multiple times a day.   Each day you can earn up to 10$ from the survey section.

4. Medium path

It also provides many types of survey, offers, and other cash offers which are easy to complete and will be got paid. You can easily earn up to 10$ from mediumpath.  In the mediumpath section, you can view the top earner. Also, you can view your offer which you completed in the last month.

5. Skippyads

In this section, you can view the different types of earning opportunity for instance You get paid for watching a small video, complete a small task like a survey complete, engaging, etc. You can easily make a small amount of money in a small-time per day.

6. offers4all

It also provides offers that you can complete. It also provides a small task and offers.

7. Bitswall

Bitswall section in Gptplanet provides some video, and the website which you need to visit and video you watch and you will get paid.

8. flipthecoin ( Do not recommended )

I do not recommend playing your hard work money with flipthecoin. If you will play then you can play with your own risk.

Referral System

When you refer a friend then you get a commission from your referral from each click they earn. If you do not refer your friends then you can rent your referral. The rented referral is the normal referral which the company gives you and charge per month to rent the referral. You can also buy the referral but the company does not get any warranty for that particular referral which you buy. You will buy your referral with your own risk. The rented referral is chief as compared to buying referral. But my suggestion is to refer your friends it will free of cost but you need to work hard. It completely depends on you.

Gptplanet account Upgrade 

There are two types of investment one is without investment ( recommended) and another is with investment (not recommended ) to boost your earning. Without investment is very slow earning but it risk-free. There is also an investment option available which boost your earning. There are several types of investment options available and also a non-investment option available.  Below I will discuss details


When you go through the non-investment option then they provide paid ads, online surveys, and different types of cash offers which I have described above. You can refer your friends and after successfully your friends join through your link then you get a 10% commission from each click value. In Gptplanet the free account is based on a standard plan. But when you go through the standard plan then you get limited benefits. But still, you can refer to your unlimited friend. You can rent the maximum rented referral is up to 100 when you are in the standard plan.


When you go through an investment option then you can boost your earning and your earnings become first. But you invest through your own risk. In Gptplanet the upgrade subscription is starting from 5$ up to 300$. When you refer to your friend after upgrade then you get 100% commission from each click value. You also get the survey, paid ads, and different types of offers also which I have described above. In the upgrade account, you get different rented referral limit based on your different upgrade subscription. Below I will give an image where you can view the details about the account upgrade subscription.


Gptplanet review


Withdraw method in Gptplanet

In Gptplanet there are supported various types of payment processor and that’s are

Payeer 8%
Bitcoin $3+0.5%
Litecoin $0.25+3%
Dash $1 + 1%
AirTM 8%
Neteller $0.5 + 2%
Skrill $0.6 +3%

Above is all payment processor with their charge. The minimum withdrawal threshold for the first time is 1$ and after that, the withdrawal threshold becomes 2$.

Payment proof 

For payment proof, they create a forum where other members upload their payment proof You can join Gptplanet through this link as well as visit the forum section where payment proof is uploaded

The support system in Gptplanet

If you face any problem then you can visit their support center. There you can create a ticket and describe your problem. Then they will view your ticket and after that, they give you a solution based on your problem.  There are three types of ticket you can see

  1. active support tickets:- In this ticket the new reply or recent reply tickets
  2. open support tickets:- these tickets are open but currently not reply or view by the admin
  3. closed support tickets:- when the ticket is complete


Gptplanet review:-  Till the company is fully legit. but without investment, it takes a long time to earn. But when you go through investment you will earn the maximum and get maximum benefits. All are about Gptplanet review  If you do not join yet then click here to join Gptplanet


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